During this challenging year, we have had to adapt to different environments than we’re normally use to. Focusing on our well-being has been hugely important to try achieve a more stable mood throughout uncertain times, many have found the place to be able to relax and escape was their bathrooms. we have correlated 5 trends which are going to enhance this idea of escapism.

Acquabella bathroom


In recent times, Eastern aesthetics have been combined with western culture, this has created some stunning interior design ideas and created a trend seen through all aspects of interior design ‘Japandi’, a mix between Japanese and Scandinavian trends to bring functional and simplistic designs to the forefront of the room creating beautiful zen-like spaces.

Cannage is a trend we are continuing to see in the industry, this style seeks to find a balance between modern and traditional styling, warm tones of wood and wicker are used to add warmth to minimalistic environments. The new styling trends of 2021 all seem to have the same common denominator; reducing clutter, increasing minimalism and focusing on the functionality of what is essential.

Bathroom Simplicity


Colours are so important when choosing your bathroom design, achieving the right balance of colour for the right room is essential. In ensuites, where you want to relax in spa-like environments choose earthy softer tones such as light greys, beige, cream and light browns. We are also seeing concrete colours and textures used with softer tones of colour and wood to give a stunning contrast and a splash of Mediterranean.

Bathroom colour trends


In 2021, we’re looking to reconnect with nature so we are seeing increased amounts of wood finishes and natural organic materials in our bathrooms, a great way which you can include some of these natural tones and textures into our bathrooms is through shower trays and paneling and basins which have earthy slate textures and finishes giving the ideal option for this trend.

Bathroom Fittings

Baths have made a comeback in the larger sized bathrooms, with freestanding baths the most popular option, we’re seeing simple lines and shapes that seek purity, elegance and design.

Shower trays are beginning to arrive in more colours and textures than ever before, giving you the opportunity to match panels and basins to your chosen tray. Trays which are flush to the floor are also the preferred option giving the feeling of spaciousness and minimalism.

Discreet transparent screens with a black profile and handles are a growing trend along with double sink counter top to help us share the bathroom when it gets busy, paired with gold or matt black taps to give a stunning sharp contrast.

Freestanding baths


We are seeing furniture which blends with its environment, discreet and suspended in the hope of adding to the harmony of the bathroom – many with a wood finish. similar to the idea of a flush shower tray, suspended furniture gives the illusion of space and cleanliness, leaving the floor space free. We are also seeing furniture from around the house move into the bathroom where space allows; Stools, Carpets, Dresser and armchairs bring a twist in to bathrooms and can add a touch of elegance along with new functionalities.