More and more we’re seeing people incorporating colour into their bathrooms, whether it’s jazzing your room up with decorative wallpaper, getting creative with the colour of your bathroom cabinet or choosing a RAL colour powder coated radiator, the shift from traditional white bathroom settings has never been more popular.

Lighting & Pendents 

Lighting is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom design, if its a well lit space with lots of natural light, incorporate bolder dark colours such as blues and green, for low lit rooms bright shades of wood would brighten up the space. Pendents are a great way of introducing mood lighting into a room; turning your main spotlights off leaving you with light from pendants can make introduce a relaxing atmosphere enabling you to switch off whilst you’re having your bath! Pendents come in all shapes and sizes, which you choose all depends on the style of your room. Pendant lighting also gives the perfect opportunity to match your lighting with your fittings -brassy pendents if your using brass fitting or black if you’re using black fittings – this looks absolutely brilliant!


People are getting creative with their wallpaper choices, and in many cases the whackier the better! But how you use it depends on the size and function of the room; a cloakroom without condensation from a bath or shower can warrant a full paper. For bathrooms with shower or bath usage, wallpaper works best with half tiles, half wallpaper, protecting the wallpaper from potential splash marks. This is also a great option for people who don’t want to commit fully to wallpaper! Small Cloakrooms are great for getting creative with wallpaper, as this is the most viewed bathroom in the home choose a wallpaper which speaks your family’s personality and taste, for a sophisticated setting choose dark patterned paper, or for a warmer setting choose a lighter botanical paper!


The opportunity to add colour into your bathroom furniture has never been easier. Our powder coated radiators allow you to introduce pretty much any colour to your bathroom which is a great way of subtly adding some contrast into your bathroom setting. Our freestanding bath supplier Waters Baths of Ashbourne allow you to paint the outside of their gorgeous freestanding baths which will give your room a striking focal point in any neutral bathroom. Another way of getting some colour into your bathroom scheme is through your cabinet, our Italian bespoke furniture supplier Kyrya offers a stunning range of colours and textures which allow your furniture to POP with colour, pair with matching top or choose from a range of different worktops.

Furniture Modular Bathroom Image 2