Choosing your colour scheme in the kitchen can be one of the most daunting factors of the whole process. Whether you want to stick to neutral colours or go a bit more adventurous, you want it to be a colour which is an expression of your home, you want It to tell a story but also something which won’t go out of fashion two years down the line!

Using colour in smaller Kitchens

The kitchen colour you choose is very much governed by the space you’re working with, is there much natural light? If you have a low ceiling or a narrow space your kitchen will benefit from brighter colours such as light grey, ivory and white which will all naturally reflect light making the room feel less cramped and dark. Glossy kitchens are another way that you can make your kitchen appear bigger, their reflective sheen is perfect for allowing light to bounce throughout your kitchen. Mirrors are another a great way to make a space appear bigger than it is, so introduce a mirrored splash back or mirrored bar area into your kitchen design!

Using colour in Larger Kitchens

For kitchens with a larger space and a bit more natural light, you can afford to be a bit more on trend with your kitchen cabinets. Having lots of bright colours throughout a larger kitchen can make the space feel sparse, so a deeper tone running throughout can make a real difference. Graphite has been extremely popular for us in modern kitchens as it can be contrasted with so many other different colour and textures to add a real sense of sophistication and opulence. In traditional kitchens, purples and green can give the room a feel of elegance and class. In larger spaces where the kitchen has an island, this is the perfect way to introduce some darker shades of colour into your kitchen design!