The chances are, whether you live in an apartment in the city or a semi detached house in the countryside, at some point you have thought about upgrading your kitchen. Before you jump into the design¬†plans, have a look at our key trends for kitchen renovations this year. If you are looking for a local Kitchen supplier in Derby, then look no further –¬† The Hub and the Tub have got something for everyone, whether it’s a sleek contemporary kitchen design, or a Classic traditional Kitchen, our extensive range has something to suit every personality.

Let’s Go Green

We’re seeing it absolutely everywhere in the kitchens industry, the trend started early in 2020 and it has taken over the front covers of all lifestyle and kitchen magazines! Mid Tones and Darker tones of green work harmoniously with the neutrals, giving rooms an open, airy feeling which is “subtle in tone, but robust in appeal” – Marie Cloud, Indigo Pruitt

Shades of Blue

In the Year of 2022, shades of Blue are here to stay in our Kitchen trends. Blue has been popular in many shades over the last few years but this year we are going to see more deeper tones such as Royal and Indigo blue. One thing that we find as kitchen designers is that Blue is very easy work with, whether it’s a Classic kitchen or a Contemporary Modern kitchen, Blue works very well as a main focal colour or partnered with another Neutral colour. Blue also works perfectly with the metallics accents that we are seeing more and more in our kitchen designs, providing the perfect back drop for those stunning hints of copper, gold and bronze.

Integrated Storage space

Some of the best trends in the Kitchen industry are that which offer practicality within a room. 2021 was a year which saw many people living under the same room for extended periods of time, and keeping things tidy and organised were essential to keep lifestyle flowing contiguously. Integrated storage space is a brilliant way of keeping kitchen surfaces uncluttered. Clever storage solutions are extremely useful in smaller kitchens which don’t necessarily have the space for endless amounts of kitchen cabinets. Those with bigger kitchens who want a more systematic approach to their kitchen design, integrated storage storage solutions are brilliant as well.