It might seem impossible to achieve your dream bathroom with only a small amount of space. You often find pictures of huge bathrooms endless floor space in magazines and brochures, but we understand that for many people this isn’t always the case. Here at The Hub and the Tub we have been renovating bathrooms in Derby for over 20 years and have learnt a few tricks and tips which you can do to make your bathroom space seem bigger.

Bathroom Tiles & Mirrors

Tiles are one of the most important aspects in your bathroom design as they are the first thing you usually notice when you enter a bathroom, for small bathrooms a full tile (from floor to ceiling) can give the visual effect of shrinking it, we recommend balancing the tiles with painted plaster to make a room appear lighter and more spacious. Go for bright tiles! We all know that bright light rooms appear much bigger than dark rooms, introduce this within you bathrooms – we have a brilliant example of how this can be done at bathroom showroom in Derby (see below).

Mirrors are a brilliant way to reflect light in a smaller bathroom especially with a room without any natural light, there is also a brilliant range of illuminate mirrors available through our ranges

Space saver baths

There is no need to compromise on your bathroom design if the space isn’t as big as what you think it needs to be. Choose one of our Space saver baths which provide generous showering and luxury ergonomic bathing, the baths have the design elements of a freestanding bath but don’t necessarily take up the space. In our kitchen and bathroom showroom in Derby we are in the same position, being a small old Town House we don’t have endless amount of space, we’ve used the Stunning Ebb Space Saver from Waters Baths to showcase how one of these baths can save so much space whilst still looking beautiful.

Space saver design elements

With smaller bathrooms, every little bit of space matters so it’s always good to choose furniture which enables you to fit as much in a possible whilst retaining a high level of functionality. Fitted furniture is a brilliant way to include a sink basin, WC unit and some storage storage in one run of units – it looks neat and tidy, hides unattractive cisterns and allows you to introduce a piece of decorative worktop. Another great way to make a bathroom appear bigger and give the illusion that there is more room than there is is to use wall hung furniture such as vanity units and toilets, wall hung furniture also makes the bathroom easy to clean and practical.


We’ve been designing bathrooms in Derby and surrounding areas for many years and will be able to advise you on absolutely anything you need to so we can achieve the perfect bathroom for you. Our collection has absolutely everything to offer at many different price points, so we’ll be sure to find something to suit your budget and lifestyle.