Our boutique style bathroom showroom in Derby showcases a range of black fittings. Black gives you the perfect opportunity to simultaneously introduce the perfect blend of dramatic, yet elegance to your bathroom. Taps, shower valves and shower heads are one of the most popular ways to include the colour, but we are seeing more and more different methods to add this sleek contemporary trend throughout your bathrooms!

Black framed shower doors

Black framed shower doors offer a combination of industrial, heritage style and modern twist within a bathroom. Framed shower doors in black leave a timeless, long lasting impression in your bathroom – and look a trend which doesn’t look to be leaving our tastes any time soon! As well as black framed doors, black Crittall style screens have made a comeback into our bathrooms; if you’re looking to achieve an urban edge in your bathroom design, then this style is for you! Our shower doors are not powder coated, they have a black colour layer integrated within the aluminium substrate resulting in a durable product which does not peel or chip!

Black freestanding baths

A graceful freestanding bath is already a great feature in any bathroom design, but by incorporating the colour black into the bath it can make for an outstanding feature. With something as bold as a black bath, keeping the rest of the room simple is important. With the adage ‘less is more’ keep your walls and flooring simple and let the bath take centre stage. In our Derby showroom we have the stunning Breeze bath which can be sprayed in any RAL colour.

Black bathroom fittings

Black Shower Trays

We have come a long way since acrylic shower trays, which were lightweight and often reinforced by wood. Although more flexible and economical than trays we see today, durability and longevity weren’t their strong points. Stone resin trays have since been introduced to give durability and a choice in design levels. Our Spanish bespoke shower trays give you an option of size, colour and texture making your tray exclusive to you. If you’re trying achieve the chic, dramatic look using black bathrooms fittings, a black textured shower tray is a brilliant way to subtly incorporate this style into your bathroom design.